About Us
Bangladesh is one of the largest textile & clothing exporter in the world. 76% (around 5.7 billion US dollar) of our export earning comes from this sector. Onus Group is one of the pioneer in this sector.

When Bangladesh entered the market economy era, she was struggling to set foot in global competition. Onus Group excelled in global competition with the strength of quality, technical support and human precision to present Bangladesh in the international market.

Working with private entrepreneurs, Onus Group has earned unrivalled success in the field of readymade garments industry.

Beginning in the 1993’s Onus has by now built a remarkable distinction as an exporting giant in this part of the world. Diversity and quest for specialization has made the group more resilient which led to prosperity and progress together towards excellence.

In 1993, Onus Group began her journey with one factory with 120 machines of about 400 workers. Stitching her way up, Onus Group within a period flourished into 12 factories with 3600 machines of a total work force of 6000 employees.